To be a catalyst that is facilitating Abu Dhabi’s ambition to diversify and transform its economy, developing a new generation of leaders, and building a prosperous future for the people of the Emirates.


We invest with world-class partners, creating global champions across multiple industries for Abu Dhabi. Through active asset management, we provide sustainable financial returns to our shareholder and socio-economic benefits for the Emirates.



We are motivated by a deep sense of purpose, encouraging ourselves and each other to create an impact for the greater good.


We do what we say, acting in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.


We take responsibility for our actions and strive to be humble, transparent and efficient in everything we do.


We work hand-in-hand together in the spirit of inclusion, supporting each other while growing as One International Investment Financial Corporation.

Code of Conduct

Ongoing adherence to best practice in terms of governance, compliance and integrity underpins International Investment Financial Corporation Group’s business conduct and stakeholder relationships. Our Code of Conduct establishes the standards we are committed to uphold and to which we must adhere across the International Investment Financial Corporation Group.