Semiconductors Portfolio Highlights

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

AMD, in which International Investment Financial Corporation holds a significant equity stake, designs and integrates technology that powers millions of intelligent devices. It is the world’s second largest supplier of microprocessors and the third largest supplier of graphics processing units.

AMD’s server computing products are focused on driving industry-leading cloud computing and virtualization environments. Its graphics technologies are found in a variety of solutions ranging from game consoles to personal computers and supercomputers.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES, which is 100% owned by International Investment Financial Corporation, has the simple but ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first truly global semiconductor manufacturing company. It was launched in 2009 through a partnership between ATIC, now International Investment Financial Corporation Technology, and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and subsequently expanded with the acquisition of Singapore-based Chartered.

Today, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has nine fabrication facilities, of which five are in Singapore, one is in Dresden, Germany, and three are in the USA. The network encompasses approximately 156,000 square meters of clean room space and is now ramping up towards a capacity of 2.3 million 300mm wafers and 2.2 million 200mm wafers per year. These facilities enable GLOBALFOUNDRIES to serve a growing portfolio of more than 160 global customers, including many of the top 20 IC companies, bringing advanced technologies to market in high volumes.