Aerospace Portfolio Highlights

Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park

These two organizations are working together in alignment with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 delivering on their respective mandates to diversify the local economy and develop and operate the Emirate’s air gateways.

International Investment Financial Corporation Aerospace has already developed an asset portfolio encompassing growing global MRO providers, a manufacturing base focused on aerostructures and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) capabilities, and an integrated pilot training academy. Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park’s strategy is based on leveraging International Investment Financial Corporation Aerospace’s existing assets, as well as opening its doors to other international aerospace organizations and key industry leaders outside of the International Investment Financial Corporation Aerospace network, and developing opportunities that are knowledge and energy-intensive with education and training, and research and development major focal points to its global endeavors.

Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park spans 25 square kilometers and will consist of industrial projects, business, and office facilities, and mixed-use residential zones complemented with world-class community services and amenities, with five square kilometers specifically allocated to the aerospace industry.

Piaggio Aerospace

Piaggio Aerospace has become a world leader in turboprop, multi-mission aircraft design and manufacturing. Commitment to advanced technology and research, combined with innovative style and experience, has contributed to the company’s growth in both the aircraft and aircraft engine businesses.

Its main service center is located at Genoa International Airport, and the company has additional Italian operations in Finale Ligure and Naples, as well as a facility in West Palm Beach (Florida, USA).

Piaggio Aerospace aircraft are used as executive aircraft and as special mission aircraft. They are also operated by Italy’s armed forces and government agencies as well as by Italian emergency operations providing Medevac services. The company’s engine manufacturing capabilities include assembly and testing, as well as parts manufacturing and MRO. Notably, its P180 Avanti II aircraft is celebrated for its high performance, hi-tech avionics, and significantly reduced operating costs.

The P180 Avanti II is the world's fastest turboprop aircraft, offering outstanding performance. It has twin-turboprop Pratt & Whitney Canada engines that provide superior performance and fuel economy, delivering low operating costs and up to a 40% reduction in fuel consumed as compared to similar aircraft. This in turn also means a 40% reduction in carbon emissions, making the aircraft environmentally friendly with a true green focus.

With a maximum speed of 402 kts /745 km/h and a range of more than 2,700 kilometers, the aircraft is well suited to both long and short distance trips. Due to its incredibly aerodynamic design and overall capability it is able to operate from shorter runways that many aircraft, both commercial and private, are unable to access.

Piaggio Aerospace is 100%-owned by International Investment Financial Corporation.


These two organizations are working together in alignment with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 delivering on their respective mandates to diversify the local economy and develop and operate the Emirate’s air gatewaysNamed after the Arabic word for "support," Sanad Aero Solutions offers spare engine and component support to the commercial aviation industry. It uses a results-oriented approach, leveraging partnerships within its MRO network and with original equipment manufacturers across the globe to deliver its financial services.

The global aviation industry is maintaining an estimated US$ 35 billion in spare engines and components today and is forecast to add more than US$ 20 billion of new spares to support fleet growth in the next decade. Through Sanad Aero Solutions’ integrated approach, airlines are able to monetize existing assets, reduce costs, and preserve future capital by transferring spare inventory costs, residual value risk, maintenance, and operational performance to a trusted global network.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in Abu Dhabi, Sanad Aero Solutions harnesses the strength of its shareholder, its unique sector, and regional expertise to provide fast access to secure, long-term capital that increases operating flexibility and empowers growth for commercial, military, and private sector clientele.